Complicated Grief & the Meaningfulness of Loss with Dr. Kathy Shear – Episode 100

At some point in all our lives, we will experience loss. The most difficult loss is the loss of someone close to us. With this loss, the landscape of our life changes and the process of experiencing and working through our grief begins. In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Dr. Kathy Shear, professor of psychiatry at the Columbia School of Social Work and founder and director of the Center for Complicated Grief. She shares with us the grief process, how to recognize complicated grief, and her recent research contribution and inclusion of this condition, now called Prolonged Grief Disorder, into the forthcoming DSM-V. There is life to be lived after this loss and if we can grieve in productive and growth-oriented ways, we can find a path that can allow us to continue to grow and have joy in our lives while continuing to carry and relate to the one we've lost in a very meaningful way.


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