Clinicians Series: Prolonged Grief Disorder with Dr. Kathy Shear – Episode 128

Today’s episode is part of our clinicians’ series, where we take you behind the therapist's door to give you an insight into what happens within the therapeutic relationship. In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Dr. Kathy Shear about the process of treatment for those suffering from Prolonged Grief. Kathy engages deeply in research and teaching writing and recently her research contributed to the inclusion of prolonged grief in the forthcoming DSM-V TR to be released in March 2022. In her work, Kathy developed and tested prolonged grief disorder therapy, short-term strength-based intervention that helped foster adaptation to loss. Together they discuss the 16-week treatment, and the healing milestones patients experience during their journey to carry and relate to the one that we've lost in a very meaningful way.


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