Clinicians Series: Pathways of Transcendent States of Consciousness with Shai Tubali, PhD – Episode 241

To escape life is a disservice. It robs somebody of an opportunity to really lean into things in a much more meaningful way. In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Shai Tubali, PhD. Shai is an academic philosopher, speaker, and leading authority in the field of self-development and self-empowerment. Shai is also a best-selling author of numerous books inspiring many thousands on their inner journeys of mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation. Shai’s active vision is a spirituality that does not lead away from the world, but rather straight into the heart of life. Strongly believing that to be a realized human means to stand exactly in the middle between humanity and spirit, it’s his deep passion to bring about a much-needed shift in contemporary spirituality: an inner transformation that leads to embracing all of our earthly and spiritual aspects, with the heart at its center. Together Graham and Shai discuss the expansive model of meditation and the process of helping people move through places of ambiguity and complex experiences into a more integrated, holistic and kind of clarified self-transformation.


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