Clinicians Series: Children’s Emotional Wellness with Ashley Williams, CEO of Clymb – Episode 255

Emotional intelligence skills in youth are so important because it can predict later life outcomes. A child’s overall wellbeing throughout their critical years of development can lead to better academic and mental health success. Today’s episode is part of our clinicians’ series, where we provide a more practice, more hands-on experiential understanding of the application of various techniques, strategies, and constructs. In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Ashley Williams. Ashley Williams is an educator, emotional wellness advocate, mindfulness expert, and successful CEO of Clymb. Realizing that the development of emotional intelligence skills in youth predicts later life outcomes, Ashley launched Clymb- an interactive emotional wellness software for school-age children. She is the 2022 Culture Builder of the Year for Baltimore, which honors her work to make children’s happiness a policy priority. Ashley has been featured on NPR, the Baltimore Sun, Champions of Wellness, and Technically, among many others. She has received Mayoral Recognition for her advocacy work to advance emotional wellness for Baltimore City youth. She is an alumni of the John Hopkins Social Innovation Lab and was recognized by T. Rowe Price as a Highlighted Moonshot Innovator. With over a decade of experience in the field of emotional wellness, she has dedicated her career to helping individuals and organizations increase their overall happiness and satisfaction in life. Together Graham and Ashley discuss the impact of emotional wellness on developing children, an in-depth guide to the Clymb, the success of program, and how emotional wellness skills ripple into family engagement, schools, and communities.


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