Building a Professional Network for Practitioners with Brandon Jones & Oliver Lubin – Episode 105

What if mental health practitioners had, in addition to state organizations, a network that provided national access and connection with colleagues, as well as larger exposure to numerous services, job listings, and licensing information to use as practitioners? The Triad Network is a free-of-charge hub for education, community, and career resources specifically for behavioral and mental health professionals focused on both helping people, help people, and providing a space for practitioners to come together. In today’s episode, Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Brandon Jones, CEO, and Oliver Lubin, CTO, for Triad. Together they discuss the trends that led to the conception, the challenge of isolation in the mental health community, and creating a network that is content-specific and intentionally niche for behavioral health. The Triad Network includes community resources, education both exam prep and continuing education, public groups specifically for mental health and available to both students and professionals, job listings, and products and services offered by partners. We encourage you to check out, both to equip yourself as a professional and to join others for support and encouragement.


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