Being Ghosted: Hope, Healing, & Understanding with Gretta Perlmutter – Episode 285

As humans, we are inherently wired to seek and create meaning in our experiences. The intricate processes of our brains demand a sense of meaning in any given event. When faced with the phenomenon of being ghosted, the absence of comprehension regarding the reasons behind it can prove to be profoundly challenging and emotionally painful. In this episode Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Gretta Perlmutter. Gretta is a resilience coach, speaker, and the creator and host of the podcast Coping With Ghosting. Gretta's personal story is a powerful one that started at the age of 12 when she first experienced the pain of being ghosted by friends and significant others.This early heartbreak led her on a transformative journey, turning these experiences into opportunities for growth. Diving deep into the emotional landscape of ghosting, Gretta offers others ways to cope with the “ghosting pandemic”. Through her podcast, social media channels, group sessions, and coaching, Gretta shares her proven methods for moving through the aftermath of being ghosted. We’re excited to have Gretta with us today to discuss ghosting and coping with loss and heartbreak.


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