Applying Motivational Interviewing & Understanding Our Biases with Marya Wright, LCSW – Episode 199

Our social landscape in our environment contributes to the biases that we hold. So self-examination work is really important to understand yourself so you can understand others in a deeper empathetic way. The spirit of motivational interviewing can be used in such a way that can lower barriers of the systems that we work in as to interface with clients, support the clients where they're at, and find a way to curate change that will be longstanding. In this episode, Dr. Erin Elmore speaks with Marya Wright, LCSW. Marya is a nationally distinguished social worker, consultant, international trainer, and facilitator with experience in organizational leadership, child welfare services, and curriculum development. She is the President and CEO of Wright Community Services, LLC, a company that strives to empower system-involved families through awareness, services and education while also providing consultation, training, and system specific facilitation to agencies that services these communities.


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