Anniversary Special: Unlocking Inner Fulfillment, from Burnout to Happiness with Neha Sangwan – Episode 297

No matter how much education you have and how much you learn, life is a lived experience. And falling into potholes is a great way to realize what’s most important and how to prioritize it. In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Neha Sangwan. Neha is an CEO and founder of Intuitive Intelligence, empowering individuals & organizations with effective communication tools. Nena is also an Internal Medicine physician, engineer, author, speaker, and communication expert. Neha earned her Bachelor of Science in Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering from Michigan State University and now consults for top organizations like Google, American Express, and the American Heart Association. She has shared her work across three TEDx stages, authored two books, and developed a comprehensive employee accountability program that connects the dots between job satisfaction, health and performance. We're excited to have Neha with us today as we discuss how our early experiences and the message, we receive in our lives impacts us and how we can set the stage for burnout in later life.


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