Anniversary Special: The Impact of Untreated Trauma with Wendy Byrd, LPC, LMFT – Episode 142

In celebration of our second anniversary, we’re re-releasing one of our favorite episodes from the past year. Trauma and traumatic events can impact us, and those effects can ripple to other aspects of our lives that we may not be aware of. In today’s episode, Dr. Graham Taylor is joined by Wendy Byrd, LPC, LMFT, and president of the Board of Directors for EMDR International Association (EMDRIA). Together they discuss the impact of trauma and the ways the brain stores a traumatic event, like issues in avoidance, betrayal of self, substance use, shame, and the biological and physiological effects of our own body. We also discuss how trauma can ripple into our family system and impact relationships in your life, show up in how you parent your children, and the risks of secondary trauma. We want to encourage the importance of seeking treatment, so once trauma does it negatively affect those in your lives, around you nor limit your potential in life.


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