Anniversary Special: Inner-Work for the New Trauma Therapist with Guy Macpherson Ph.D. – Episode 146

In celebration of our second anniversary, we’re re-releasing one of our favorite episodes from the past year. What the patient needs most is the ability to be themselves, but for them to see themselves, as therapists, we need to know ourselves fully first. In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor continues the discussion with Dr. Guy Macpherson, clinical psychologist, creator of the Trauma Therapist Project, and the host of the Trauma Therapist Podcast, about the Inner-Work for the New Trauma Therapist Course and the importance of understanding your journey and bringing that awareness into session. This course will walk practitioners through a personal discovery process to help give them as therapists a sense of who they are. The goal to empower therapists to believe who they are is enough but getting there can be very challenging within the context of working with someone who’s been impacted by trauma. “It's about being a human being with another human being”.


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