Anniversary Special: Embracing Recovery & the Path to Healing with Bruce W. Brackett – Episode 299

Support is steadfast, ever-present, regardless of circumstances or company. In every moment, in every trial, it patiently awaits. Sometimes, it's about humbly setting aside pride, embracing vulnerability, and simply reaching out. Take that step, for help is there, ready to guide you forward. In this episode, Sharlee Dixon speaks with Bruce W. Brackett. Bruce, also known as BWB (dot) positivity, is a social media personality, author, entrepreneur, self-taught visual artist, and international motivational speaker. Originally from southwest Montana, BWB moved to NYC at the age of 18 to pursue his dreams of being on Broadway. After many distractions, making it to Off-Broadway, and struggling with addictions and mental health, BWB found his true calling and his way back to sobriety through art and by advocating for recovery to his online audience of over 1.2 million people. This online community of recovery fuels BWB’s love, passion, creativity, and mission to share positivity and the possibilities of recovery. After many tries in Rehab and Outpatient therapy care, Bruce has done the work for himself to honestly live a better life. Now that he is on this side of recovery, he finds a responsibility to give that back to others. We’re excited to have Bruce with us to discuss overcoming addiction, trauma recovery, motivational speaking, and his book “How to Breathe While Suffocating”.


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