Anniversary Special: Bedrock Skills to Guide our Youth with Ron Anderson – Episode 219

In celebration of our third anniversary, we’re releasing the second of two new episodes this week. With the right approach, with caring, empathy, and genuineness, that anyone can rise above the circumstances that they're in and that they too can be a success in their lives. In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor is joined by Ron Anderson. Ron is the Executive Director of Project Reclaim, which operates a prevention-based afterschool program for teens, Life Skills workshops for elementary and middle school youth, and parent training and parental involvement activities for parents and guardians. Project Reclaim is a leadership academy that targets middle, junior, and high school youth in the Minden, Louisiana area. Together Graham and Ron discuss the inspiration of Project Reclaim, the core concepts that have led to the success of their program, the importance of reclaiming virtues, and the timeliness for youth leadership right now. We've got to reclaim some virtues that made us great, like hard work, discipline, respect, respect of others and having a strong and powerful household.


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