Advancing Technology for Improved Mental Healthcare with David Strocchia and Brandon Jones – Episode 126

The relationship that a behavioral health provider has had with technology has not always been the healthiest of relationships. In today’s episode, Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with David Strocchia and Brandon Jones. David is the senior vice president and managing director at Netsmart, a healthcare software company. Brandon is the CEO of Triad, the leading provider of education, community, and career resources for behavioral mental health professionals. Together we talk about the advancing technology for improved mental health care, improving the relationship clinicians have with technology, and the involvement both Netsmart and the Triad Community play in that transformation. Netsmart’s clinicians’ tools; natural language processing, voice to text, AI, and augmented intelligence, all aim to improve productivity, efficiency, and accuracy of documentation to improve the delivery of care and reduce the work on patient care activities. The goal is to help people help people by leveraging technology to improve the delivery of care for both practitioners and patient care.


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