Dave Saben

Dave Saben is a technology optimist and visionary leader who possesses a unique ability to connect technology to markets. For the past 20 years, Dave has worked with organizations to establish and commercialize cloud-based software platforms in countries across the world. Dave is currently the CXO of New Horizons CLC, the world's largest IT training franchisor with over 200 locations in 37 countries. Mr. Saben is responsible for the Product,, Technology and Marketing efforts of the organization. As the former CEO of Assessment Systems Corp, he facilitated thousands of mid-market businesses transactions with educational institutions and government agencies. He achieves success through an inspirational servant-leadership style that offers partners an unprecedented amount of transparency and accountability. His deep passion for connecting data to quantitative data analysis, artificial intelligence and intelligent algorithms is to improve the educational outcomes. In addition to serving as CEO of Assessment Systems Corp., Dave also co-founded Edtech Growth Advisors – a consulting firm dedicated to bringing capital and creative together to improve educational outcomes – and Exam Ave – an online platform for nursing school preparation. Dave is a proud father of three and husband to one. He has a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from the Miami Herbert Business School at the University of Miami.